O-Art Projects 2018 

This group was born out of the idea of joint efforts, four Peruvian women artists, crossing bridges together. Our group is a platform to investigate  meanings, and develop strategies of work. We are open to whats happening now around us and in the world art scene. We are different individuals but together we make a whole. 

Some examples of our ideas are social roles in women in the case of Carolina Bazo; roots,fragments, remains and territory in the case of Jessica Schneider. The unconscious collective, feminine energy, origins; in Gianna Pollarolos work and your personal history, domestic space and patriarchy by Alessandra Rebagliati. This four cardinal points get together to make the collective core of the group. 

O-ARTPROJECT was also created from the need to strengthen our artistic projects to migrate again in a collective way. The collective work of developing ideas can be enriched, giving us visibility in other geographical places and generating feedback and greater meaning and value to our origin. Our purpose is to show our roots from a globalised and contemporary perspective. 

O-ARTPROJECT seeks to strengthen our project as a group, sharing a space and time in common with our generation. After the experience of having left and returned to Peru, we assume a new role from the exotic of our origin, forming this multidisciplinary project. O'Art Project seeks ideas that generate certain thoughts like; 

Infinite and finite counterpoint



sacred, feminine, origins 

social roles